YES, it's Possible to ACTUALLY Feel Good as you Prep for Pesach!

Ditch the Overwhelm, Money Guilt, and Menu Planning Stress and Feel Invigorated and In Control as You Prep for Passover!


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Your privacy is our policy! In sharing your info with us, you are letting us into your life, thank you, and we do not take that lightly!

Are you a stressing, just a little (or let’s face it, a very lot), about Passover prep this year?

  • You’re juggling the kids, cleaning, cooking, unpredictable schedules, homeschool, and more!
  • Your To-Do list is huge Thinking about finances keeps you up at night.
  •  You are inherently stressed out by the thought of the huge expense that Passover brings. 
  • The Seder, unbelievably is around the corner, and you are not quite sure how you are going to maintain your sanity 
  • You still need to plan your menus 
  • You’d like to make a healthy Pesach this year, you’re just not quite sure how 
  • You’re not sure how to keep the house organized as you prep for Pesach, especially with the kids home so much! 

Can you relate to any of the above?
Take a deep breath!  
We’ve got you covered!

Are you ready to power up for Pesach 2024?

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Ditch the Overwhelm, Money Guilt, and Menu Planning Stress and Feel Invigorated and In Control as You Prep for Passover!

Your privacy is our policy! In sharing your info with us, you are letting us into your life, thank you, and we do not take that lightly!

4th  Consecutive Year 

When You Sign up, You will Receive:

  • Access to over 10 workshops on different aspects of Pesach prep, designed specifically to help you.
  • Recorded workshops in case you cannot attend live.
  • Topics include so many of the HUGE stressors this time of year, like menu planning and setting yourself up for a healthy Pesach, Mindfulness & Meditation, money, organizing your ‘stuff’ & kitchen, Giving Yourself Grace, Fitness, & more.  
  • Come to all or some Exclusive access to virtual communities where you’ll have access to the presenters and form bonds with the other women attending these workshops. 
  • Bonuses and prizes. Participate to win! Free digital gifts from our presenters And More! 

From the comfort of your home!

Meet Our Last Year's Presenters:

Rebekah Saltzman

Organizer | Balagan Be Gone

Tips and Tricks to Get Organised Before Pesach

Dalia Brunschwig

Nutrition Health Coach | Fully in Balance

Power Up with WOW Eating Habits Tips

Marla Rottenstreich

Fitness Pro & More | MindBody20

Fit During the Hectic Pesach Season and What you can do to Avoid Injuring Your Back

Chani Schreibhand

Chani Schreibhand, Chief Editor & CEO of the Uplift magazine

Creating a Living Hagodah: How to Pass on Our Stories to the Next Generation

Gila Levitt

Torah Marriage & Intimacy Coach | Heart of Marriage

Navigating Intimacy with Pesach Mess and Stress

Gila Ross

Educator & Life Coach | Power Up! Podcast

Is Pesach The Time of Freedom For Women? How to Enjoy and Grow Through Pesach

Jodi Fried

Speaker | Empowerment Coach | To (Mom) Life Podcast

How to Manage When You’ve Got To ‘Do it All’

Debbie Sassen

Business, Mindset, & Money Coach | Debbie Sassen

From Slavery to Freedom: Financial Tips and Tricks for Mission-driven Entrepreneurs

Sephardic Spice Girls

Food Bloggers |
Sharon Gomperts &
Rachel Emquies Sheff

LIVE Cooking Show: Charoset & Pesach Dezzerts

Rena Reiser

Mind, Body & Compassion Coach| Embodied Dance Instructor

Embodying Freedom: A Freeform Dance Journey

Pearl Lopian

EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner | Pearl Lopian Tapping

How To Use EFT Tapping to Ease Your Stress This Pesach

Bayla Haskel

Chef |Owner Veg.It.Out.

LIVE Cooking Show - "Zucchini Alfredo"

Our Founders


Jodi is an Empowerment Coach for women, podcast host and speaker. Born in South Africa, she lives in Portland, OR with her husband and 4 kids. For doses of inspiration and practical tips on motherhood, listen in to the To (Mom) Life podcast where Jodi and her guests help make your journey as a Jewish mom just a bit easier.


Dalia, is a IIN certified nutrition health coach.
Born in Israel, lived in Spain, UK and now in Switzerland with her husband and 3 kids. She has made a difference for hundreds of Jewish women with her Balanced Redefined program across the globe and is a beacon of light!
Visit Dalia at her website to learn more about her story.

We are so excited to open the Waiting list doors for this series of workshops for 2024!

The idea of Power Up For Pesach came about in 2020 out of a simple conversation about life as a Jewish woman.  

Jodi and Dalia had connected through their businesses, hit it off on a podcast interview, and though on opposite ends of the world, both felt strongly about the need to make things easier on Jewish moms and Jewish women.  

Pesach was quickly approaching, and without thinking twice they jumped into action pulling together a series of 8 workshops in less than a month for 2021.  Now, we get to build on that success and do our little part to take it to the next level and enhance the Pesach and pre-Pesach experience for women across the globe.

It is always JAM PACKED with inspiration, education, and motivation for you ladies to get you geared up for Pesach.  

If you’re ready to Power Up Join the Waitlist today!
We’re honored to have you on this journey with us!  

Helpful, Worthwhile Workshops

Over 10 workshops on a slew of topics affecting Jewish women this time of year. Including how to organize your kitchen and home, how to lift your dishes safely, meal plan with ease, strategies to manage the stress, and so much mor

Meaningful Community

When you sign up for Power Up for Pesach, in addition to the workshops, you receive access to a network of Jewish women from all around the world. You can connect with, ask questions, share your thoughts, and be a part of something that brings you joy every day!

Prizes, Giveaways, & Fun 

YES, Pesach prep is about so much more than stress, it's about love, community, and FUN!  And, we've got you covered with daily giveaways (plenty of prizes will be shipped worldwide), an art class, and other opportunities to let your hair down & have fun!